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Hidden Secrets of Advanced Keyword Research


Site Architecture

Building the right architecture of your website is the foundational element. Its relation with the keyword research is based on the business niche in which you place your products and service. Try placing the keywords related to a travel company into a site structure related to manufacturing company. You can see a broad mismatch even before any content is placed. So, the first research is on structuring the web pages and the site.

Content Value

Research on how to enhance the content value for the readers before getting into keyword research can help you get high-quality keywords. You may get the most commonly and frequently used long and short tails that match exactly with the content, products, and brand.

You can relate the content value to the readers’ expectations through experience. The best practice is to get the help of an SEO specialist. He will be able to give you the best combination of researched content and the keywords.p

Target Audience

Make a list of all the types of potential audiences from the different regions of the local and global markets. You need to analyze their lifestyles, buying patterns, product preferences, social media interactions, etc. linking these parameters with the keyword research can create a dependable link between your website and the potential audiences. You can also use the analytics tools for evaluating the keywords during research.

Time Travel

The keywords you chose for the website content in 2016 have become outdated in 2018. So, you need to do the research again. What you do today may get outdated in the next two years. What is the solution?

You need to focus on keyword research that is relevant for the next 10 years. Or you may have to find a method of adding newly researched keywords by expanding the scope of content. A professional SEO expert will be able to incorporate all the above-listed parameters into your keyword research.


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